PROPOSED SHORT TERM RENTAL REGULATION CHANGES City Council Briefing September 15, 2020 are controversial in the new proposed Overlay Districts in Bayfront

View Councilman Jones / Vice Mayor Wood proposal documents presented at City Manager Briefing September 15th[Note: broke the link again. Use Download links below for PDF.]

General overview of changes

■ Allow STRs, by-right, in certain specific locations of the City if they meet criteria
■ No Conditional Use Permits–STRs cannot operate elsewhere in the City
■ Regulations for Sandbridge are not changed
■ Regulations for other areas where STRs are permitted reflect current City Council imposed conditions on STRs with modification on number of rentals and required response by property owner or representative

Download Jones/Wood documents PDF of proposed changes.

View slides presented by Planning Director of STR proposed changes at City Manager Briefing.[Note: broke the link again. Use Download links below for PDF.]

Download PDF Planning Director slideshow.


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