City of VB installs new Your Speed Radar Sign on Shore Drive

The City of Virginia Beach listened to the community and has installed a “Your Speed” radar sign on Shore Drive to help slow motorists coming out of First Landing State Park.  The sign is located in the median just as you exit the State Park and enter the Cape Story by the Sea Neighborhood.  The sign is solar operated and permanently mounted.  It shows speeds up to 45mph.  Anything over, it will post a “Slow Down” warning.  This is a big step toward the community request to have several of these types of signs that are portable and can be set up and moved in a random pattern to keep focus on speeding issues.


One thought on “City of VB installs new Your Speed Radar Sign on Shore Drive

  1. Hi my name is Laura Seawell,
    Thank goodness a speed reminder sign has been installed. We also are in need one Coming off the east side of the leaner bridge. People are going 50 mph when I’m trying to pull out of Kleen street. Also, we need one on both side of Great Neck Road where the bike path is!!! It actually probably should be 25 thru there. Thank you 😊


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