2 thoughts on “WCCB Planning Commission Public Hearing video

  1. I want to commend Todd for his efforts speaking against the WC expansion. When Todd and other elected reps speak next time before the City Council, all should claim their full 10 minutes as an elected head of a major group. It was disheartening to watch the Planning Commission’s display of “politics”; who was absent (not voting), board claiming support from BAC (virtually inert, dysfunctional and ignored by City Council), and for THEN giving the paid WC lawyer a 15+ minute final rebuttal for his closing argument, while telling the opposition that they could rebut at the coming City Council hearing. Who on City Council represents us the tax payers? WC expansion will set an “iconic” precedent and if approved, permanently change the very nature of our community Shore Drive. WC expansion will increase price for bay area land values and tax assessments for adjacent properties. Land values and tax increases will drive out working class renters and result in the coming demise of two-story condos in the area. Maybe, next thing will be high-rise hotels, gambling casinos and a six-lane Shore Drive? Our Shore Drive area can be renamed “Atlantic City Virginia”?

    • Is this not what the planning commission seeks a wall of bay front glass towers self-financed to fund the municipal bonds for the oceanfront? Their decision to push this project forward, as is, without considering current code changes required and even the most minor plan alteration to help preserve the current community structure clearly shows the long term plan of this planning commission. Destruction of the bayfront as we know it now. It would be expected the WCCB will begin to purchase the neighboring condos to this structure, collapse the condo boards, as done previously, force out those left after they have obtained a majority, and continue building glass towers down the beach. Those condos values and cost will drop significantly when the pile driving starts (a question dodged in this meeting) and continue when the tower dominates the landscape only a few meters away. Allowing WCCB to snap them up at bargain prices. This cycle will be repeated until the bay front has been converted to a wall of glass. WCCB residents pay premium prices for the bay views not beach recreation. Sunshine on the sand and beach recreation is not the commodity they seek.


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