“Ocean Shore Condominium (OSC) and other area property owner’s concerns re: Westminster Canterbury on the Chesapeake Bay expansion.”

View DLM Architects Design Review Memo No. 3. (4 page pdf)


City Code, Appendix A – Zoning, ARTICLE 9, Section 901, Senior Housing is limited to a height of 165 feet. AHousing for seniors and disabled persons or handicapped, including convalescent or nursing; maternity homes; day-care centers other than covered under permitted principal uses herein above, provided that the maximum height shall not exceed one hundred sixty-five (165) feet;@ The independent living tower in the proposed project significantly exceeds this limitation. Required: reduce the height of the tower to comply.

Wind Scour: The close proximity between the OSC and WC site increases the local wind speed, wind scour and turbulence between these Bayfront buildings resulting in more drifting sand, damaged vegetation and damage to the roofing of the westernmost OSC buildings. Required: Construct wind breaks at the dune line. This wasn’t addressed in the planning staff’s comments.

Stormwater run-off: There is no indication of stormwater retention on the preliminary drawings or how the stormwater requirements are to be met. Required: a net reduction in impervious surface area from the existing use(s).

One thought on ““Ocean Shore Condominium (OSC) and other area property owner’s concerns re: Westminster Canterbury on the Chesapeake Bay expansion.”

  1. First take reading this staff report highlights an immediate and poorly considered element of the plan. Sewer line requirements and water usage. The report mentions these and notes what is currently in place and briefly mentions an upgrade. What will the increased usage and outflow requirements be? Is the current water/sewer system capable of supporting the increased volume and supply requirements? Is the current water treatment facilities and sewer/water supply lines capable of adequately processing the increased inflows coupled with the Marina Shores and Osprey Point developments? If upgrading is required to whom will the burden of cost in upgrade of these public facilities fall? How soon will the required system upgrades be required? What is the economic and environmental impact if such upgrades are required? Etc…


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