New Stormwater Appeals Board to be appointed at City Council Tuesday January 16th

View the proposed changes from here. (58 page PDF)

New ordinance starts here:

    783 Sec. 1-1. Purpose and authority.
    785 A. The purpose of this Ordinance is to ensure the general health, safety, and
    786 welfare of the citizens of the City of Virginia Beach and protect the quality and quantity
    787 of state waters from the potential harm of unmanaged stormwater, including protection
    788 from a land disturbing activity causing unreasonable degradation of properties, water
    789 quality, stream channels, and other natural resources, and to establish procedures
    790 whereby stormwater requirements related to water quality and quantity shall be
    791 administered and enforced.

    And includes:

    1149 …The Board shall be appointed by City Council and shall
    1150 consist of six (6) members, one (1) from the Department of Planning, one (1) from the
    1151 Department of Public Works, one (1) from the Department of Public Utilities and three (3) citizen members.

View entire City Council Agenda here.


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