SDCC General Meeting Mon Aug 28 – Disaster Preparedness Presentation

Click here for a printable version of the agenda 8.28.17 SDCC Agenda

SDCC General Meeting Agenda
Monday August 28, 2017 from 7:30 to 9:00pm
Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall
(parking in back, on side streets and across Shore Drive)

Special Presentation –

Disaster Preparedness in Virginia Beach

Ms. Heather Gordon, Sr. Planner Office of Emergency Management, will discuss Virginia Beach’s plans on how to prepare and recover from potential natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Come learn about the new “Know Your Zone” hurricane evacuation designations, Learn where the closest shelters are, Learn the best ways to prepare for a disaster. This meeting is open to the public, so bring a friend, your lives may depend on it.

Officer’s Reports: Secretary – David Williams; Treasurer’s Report -Kathy Pawlak; Vice President – Wally Damon;
President – Todd Solomon

Old Business-
Bayfront Development Projects Update
• Marina Shores Marina Apartments
• Bay Lake Assisted Living Facility Expansion
• Resort Conference Hotel Proposal to Convert to Assisted Living Facility
• Mermaid Winery

Community Rating System (CRS) Application to FEMA/HUD – The City Manager has sent a letter to FEMA requesting that Virginia Beach be evaluated for inclusion in the CRS program. Copy of letter is on

New Business –
Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) News – Mr. Wally Damon will update us on the actions of the Bayfront Advisory Commission.

VB proposed changes to Route 35 and other bus services – The City’s transportation planners have presented City Council with a draft 2018 plan to improve the City’s mass transit by increasing frequency and reliability. How does this impact test route 35?

Boat Repair Shop Demolition – It appears that the demolition of the boat repair shop on Shore Drive in Ocean Park had little to no oversite from City zoning inspectors. No storm water inlet barricades were used, no protection fencing and other alledged violations were noted by residents. What actions can be taken to prevent this from happening again on future projects?

Community Concerns– General discussion of neighborhood and community concerns that may need SDCC attention. This is an opportunity for all to share information.


Next SDCC Meeting – Monday September 25, 2017


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