You, the community, are invited to a meeting Tuesday May 23rd at 4pm at Brock re: parking lot idea ON PHP.

Statement from Parks & Rec printed with permission:

“Parks and Rec has requested to have a tree inventory and survey completed of the construction entrance/parking lot area so amore environmentally sensitive parking area can be designed to accommodate 2 to 3 ADA compliant parking spaces and provide adequate space for a couple of vehicles to temporarily park to off load equipment then pull out onto the on street parking.

This parking area will be constructed at the end of the wetlands restoration project and utilize some of the area used for the construction ingress/egress into the wetlands project area.

The tree survey and inventory will also provide information needed for tree protection measures that will need to be put in place prior to and maintained during the wetlands mitigation project.”

Links to various info about Pleasure House Point on this website located here.

History of preservation of PHP back to 2003 is located on this website.

Brief highlights of the community’s involvement with preservation of Pleasure House Point 2001 – 2012:

  • Approximately $150,000 – $200,000 worth of consulting time was donated to efforts.
  • Those efforts resulted in the most recent real estate speculator to receive exactly 0 required permits.
  • The enforcement of the applicable laws & regulations governing wetlands, buffer, zoning etc reduced the perceived value of PHP & allowed the partners to purchase her for approximately $16.6M discount.
  • From

    This high-profile property was once being considered for a large waterfront development, but with the help of The Trust for Public Land, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the surrounding community, the City has preserved one of the largest undeveloped parcels of land on the Lynnhaven River for generations to come.

    The community has been a vital part of Pleasure House Point for years and looks forward to continued participation with all the stakeholders going forward.

    About community engagement at this website from July ’14.


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