Brock Environmental Center vandalized last night. Can you help?

Info so far:

Good morning all. We don’t know the exact time frame, but the Brock Center was vandalized on the concrete pilings, doors, and wind turbine. It was found this morning, and it appears there is one girl in particular being bullied. A few names were mentioned and some numbers were used. If you have a child with any of these names and they are getting bullied or you have any information, please reach out to us. We are hoping to catch the kids that did this.

We also heard from a visitor that there were kids on the roof this weekend who appeared to be of middle school age.

The numbers written were 220276 and 220270.

The names written included:

Jacob Santorius (or Sartorius)
Kyra (most frequently found with strong, vulgar language)

It appears that many of the places Kyra’s name was mentioned were scratched out with a different marker, so she may have been with or near them.

Please call the Brock Center with any information at 757-622-1964. Thank you.


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