SDCC General Meeting – Monday May 23rd at 7:30pm

Click here for a printable version of the agenda – 5.23.16 SDCC Agenda

SDCC General Meeting Agenda

Monday May 23, 2016 from 7:30 to 9:00pm

Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall

(parking in back, on side streets and across Shore Drive)


Special Presentations –  No scheduled presentation.  This time will be used to discuss which future presentations should be pursued.  Possibilities include:

  • City’s Urban Forest and Tree Oversight (Susan French, City Arborist)
  • Long Range Storm Water Plans for Shore Drive East of Lesner Bridge
  • Update on City’s pursuit of Community Rating System (CRS), a National Flood Insurance Program
  • Update on Shore Drive Safety – Have improvements helped reduce accidents/incidents?
  • Any other community concerns?

 Officer’s Reports 

Secretary – David Williams; Treasurer’s Report -Kathy Pawlak; Vice President – Wally Damon; President – Todd Solomon


Old Business-

Marina Shores Proposed Development – Update on proposal to rezone the site and construct 261 apartments.  City’s Planning Department evaluation update.  When will the project go before the Planning Commission?  

Beach Event Houses – Update from the Beaches & Waterways Commission overseeing this evaluation. 


New Business

Bayfront Advisory Commission News – Mr. Wally Damon will update us on the actions of the Bayfront Advisory Commission. 

Community Concerns – Does your neighborhood/condo have any issues that have come up that need help or may be a warning to others?   

Next SDCC Meeting – Monday June 27, 2016


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