“Provide pedestrian crosswalks and other pedestrian accomodations at the intersection of Shore Drive and Stratford Street near the Shore Drive Volunteer Fire Department. A new traffic signal with pedestrian crossing signals will be installed as part of the project.”


View the CIP at City of Virginia Beach, VA Public Works Capital Project Detail Sheet 2.300.119: Shore Dr and Stratford Intersection Improvement

Construction of these improvements is scheduled to take place starting in January 2017 and be complete by July 2017.

Info from an unedited email from Project Manager Chris W.:

The design contract for the Shore Drive and Stratford Intersection Improvement (CIP 2.300.119) has been negotiated and is currently in our Contracts Department for processing (submitted 2/3/2016). We expect an executed Work Order by 3/1/2016.

The improvements to this intersection will include a new traffic signal (black mast arms and poles), pedestrian crossing signals, stamped asphalt crosswalks, additional sidewalk, new curb & gutter, and a new asphalt overlay in the intersection with thermoplastic pavement markings. The design effort will kick off in March 2016 with the start of survey and buried utility designation.

The 30% plans will be provided to us in May 2016. The 100% plans are scheduled to be completed by August 2016. There will likely need to be some utility relocation and property acquisition (1 parcel located on the NE corner of the intersection), but we will not know for sure until the 100% plans are complete.

If we do need utility relocation and property acquisition, this will take place between August 2016 and December 2016. Construction of these improvements is scheduled to take place starting in January 2017 and be complete by July 2017. The total project cost which includes the engineering, property acquisition, utility relocation, construction, and landscaping is estimated to be $530,000. The engineering firm that we are using is Parsons Brinckerhoff and the Construction Contractor will likely be Asphalts Roads (holder of the City’s current annual service contract for miscellaneous construction).

Photo from March 2015

Photo from March 2015

Special thanks to Vice Mayor Jones and everyone else who helped improve safety on Shore Drive!


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