Read some letters requesting Virginia Beach City Council to oppose off shore drilling

Seven letters requesting Virginia Beach City Council to oppose offshore drilling.

    Virginia Beach Restaurant Association

    Virginia Beach Resort Advisory Commission

    The Princess Anne Garden Club

    Virginia Beach Hotel Association

    City of Virginia Beach Green Ribbon Committee

    Sandbridge Civic League

    Lynnhaven River NOW

Are you, your civic league or organization writing a letter too ?

Don't Drill VA artwork.

Don’t Drill VA artwork.

If you haven’t been involved with this very controversial idea, you might choose to get involved now.

Recent press includes an article at entitled Virginia’s scant opposition to offshore drilling stands out.

Trace your finger along a map of the South Carolina coast and you’d be hard-pressed to find a town that hasn’t adopted a resolution against drilling for oil and gas. More than 20 communities there have lined up against the idea. It’s much the same in coastal North Carolina and Georgia.

Interestingly, the City of Virginia Beach does not list offshore drilling as a Hot Topic at Shouldn’t it be listed?

Editor’s note: SDCC has not taken a vote on offshore drilling.


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