Shore Drive to Oceanfront Trolley Loop Survey – We Want to Hear What You Think


SDCC has created a short 5 to 10 minute survey regarding the possible Shore Drive to Oceanfront Trolley loop.

Please take a moment to give us your thoughts and to pass the survey link on to others that may be interested in providing their input.

Click here or on the “take survey” icon above to begin the survey.


7 thoughts on “Shore Drive to Oceanfront Trolley Loop Survey – We Want to Hear What You Think

  1. I agree with David. I seldom go to the oceanfront because of the traffic hassles. I think it is alarmist to imagine that the tourists are going to invade our beaches, but it can do us no harm if they come to learn more about First Landing State Park and the Brock Environmental Center. But I’ve been told by an informed source that it’s way too expensive to make it happen.

  2. No No No and No, What’s going to be next, a roller coaster at Chic’s Beach? The ocean front is separate from us and caters to tourists.

    Our beaches, restaurants, and other establishments more or less cater to the locals. I’d hate to see this area being over run by tourists.

  3. It was tried in last 10 years and didn’t last because the demand at that time was not enought to sustaine it maybe things have changed .

  4. As a local resident residing on Shore Drive it would be nice to visit the ocean front via the trolley. Obviously it would save me parking fees and the hassle of the traffic congestion at the ocean front. Would it be possible to have additional bicycle racks along the trolley lines?

    • After the city completes spending 7.2 million dollars to construct a bike path from Diamond Springs Road to Atlantic Avenue, why not just ride your bike.

  5. It should have been running for years. It will be the only HRT bus route that will be full of passengers. If it
    runs from Rudee Inlet to the CBBT they could make enough $$ to subsidize the bus routes that carry just a few riders. They should start it ASAP


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