Unfortunately the live oak must be …


…removed because of its impaired health & close proximity to Shore Drive.

Sad but true.

This is the remaining live oak at Kleen Street & Shore Drive.

Upset as much as everyone else is that this must happen!?

There are a few simple things you can do right now.

    Join Friends of Live Oaks

    Subscribe to our emailed newsletter The Advocate

    Contact Landscape Management Services of VB if you have concerns


The COVB has a great group of people including Susan French, City Arborist & her team yet they need help from us – the caring public – to ensure we all do our best to keep & increase our precious urban tree canopy.

Susan is very approachable and loves meeting people & chatting about trees. Call 757-385-4461 to reach her.

Stay tuned for future news about how you can help.

One thought on “Unfortunately the live oak must be …

  1. So sad. One day you must come to my house and see our 13 live oaks which we have nurtured and cherished during our stewardship of this maritime ecosystem. We have one of the last live oak stands


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