Markers for new beach trail at Pleasure House Point next to Brock Environmental Center pier vandalized.

Email from Lynnhaven River NOW sez:

Hey, everyone,

We started putting up the goose fencing for the planting sites along the trail at PHP, and came upon an unfortunate scene. Meredith had put in some fairly large stakes last week to mark the area, and they were all broken off today when we went out (stakes were thrown into the marsh area). We think maybe people think we are trying to block off the trails completely, and don’t understand that the path is simply shifting, though maybe they are just vandalizing for the sake of vandalizing. This was along the area where there is clearly still some type of ATV action.





Photo of stakes & goose fencing built by volunteers that was destroyed

Photo of stakes & goose fencing built by volunteers that was destroyed

Important phone numbers

Parks & Natural Areas Office: 757-385-2080
Police Non-Emergency Number: 757-385-5000
Animal Control: 757-385-4444

Still working on finding that sweet spot of eliminating 100% of vandalism & foolish behavior vs loving PHP to death.


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