“Others have suggested making permanent its nickname, the Lynnhaven Inlet Bridge, or bestowing the honor on longtime Vice Mayor Louis Jones, who represents part of the Shore Drive corridor.”

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Voting will be open through the end of February.

The Bayfront Advisory Commission, which advises the City Council on issues pertaining to the Shore Drive and Chesapeake Bay-area communities, is expecting some unique input.

Click to visit website to submit your response.

Click to visit website to submit your response.

About Vice Mayor Jones about VBGov.com who has represented Baylake Pines, Chesapeake Beach & Ocean Park neighborhoods for years.

He serves as the City Council liaison to several organizations, including the Water Task Force Committee, the Bayfront Advisory Commission, the Oceana Land Use Conformity Committee, the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area Policy Committee and the Town Center Committee.

About the Bayfront Advisory Committee at VBGOv.com:

The purpose of the Bayfront Advisory Committee (BAC) shall be to serve in an advisory capacity to City Council with respect to development and improvement to the Bayfront area.

Learn more about #LESNERBRIDGE construction at SDCC.info.

3 thoughts on ““Others have suggested making permanent its nickname, the Lynnhaven Inlet Bridge, or bestowing the honor on longtime Vice Mayor Louis Jones, who represents part of the Shore Drive corridor.”

  1. With all due respect to Jeremiah Denton, and without diminishing in any way his sacrifice and service, I am opposed to naming the bridge after him. I also oppose naming the bridge after Vice Mayor Louis Jones. Had I been asked back in the 50’s or 60’s (or whenever the current bridge was named), I would have opposed naming it after Frank Lesner. Don’t name the bridge after a person, call it what it is: The Lynnhaven Inlet Bridge. Or the Lynnhaven Bridge. If you can’t do that, leave it as the Lesner, which is what all the people who have only lived here 20 years call it.

  2. Leave bridge name the same! Not sure why everything has to change! For the 57 years I have lived on shore dr it’s always been the Lesner bridge, why change it? Why can’t some things from the past stay the same!

    • The Chesapeake Beach Civic League voted unanimously to honor Rear Admiral Jeremiah A Denton Jr, the courageous Oceana based Naval aviator shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese.in 1965. He was a resident of Kings Grant with his wife and 7 children, As the highest ranking officer in the Hanoi Hilton and in an even more restrictive prison, where he and ten of the other very troublesome POWs were sent ., he set up a communication system to be able to resist and endure. He spent 4 of the nearly 8 years as a captive.in solitary confinement and subjected to unspeakable torture..the longest imprisonment ever inflicted on men of our armed forces. The plight of our POWs achieved national attention when Denton, brought forth to appear on North Vietnamese television, while calmly answering questions, repeatedly blinked “TORTURE” in Morse code, unbeknownest to the enemy. This spurred their families back in San Diego, Virginia Beach and other cities, to defy the mandate put out by Washington to be quiet and patient since the war was so unpopular. The wives rallied the country and demanded action by the government, which gave rise to the POW/MIA movement. President Reagan , in his State of the Union Address in 1982, said “We don’t have to turn to our history…for heroes. He told of Denton saying, upon landing at Clark Air Force base ” We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve our country under difficult circumstances. We are profoundly grateful to our commander in chief and to our nation for this day. God bless America.” as he spoke on behalf of all the POWs. Jeremiah Denton was promoted to Rear Admiral and continued to serve as Commandant of the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, and upon retirement, elected to the US Senate from Alabama, his birthplace, where he initiated the Denton Program, allowing military transport to carry humanitarian aid to countries in need. , Denton was the recipient of dozens of military and civilian honors Many of his descendants, including children and grandchildren, live in Virginia Beach. He was laid to rest in Arlington July 2014. He was 89. One of the surviving POWs, in the group of defiant ones, a Virginia Beach resident, supports naming the NEW bridge for Denton as “Oceana’s most prominent naval aviator”and thus also honoring our military. The news media ran many stories about his life, We believe that it will be a honor for Virginia Beach to have a lasting memorial to this man and it will inspire, not only generations to come, but honor our military who sail and fly out of here and into harm’s way. He is part of our country’s history and the history of Coastal Virginia.

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