Starting today: “Drivers 75-years and older will now have to renew their driver’s licenses every five years, and it must be done in person. Also, when they do renew, they must pass a vision test. Finally, if a mature driver is found guilty of breaking a traffic law, a judge could require the person to take a crash-prevention course.”

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“We’re actually going to see an increase in safety for all of these drivers,” said Georjeane Blumling, Vice President of Public Relations for AAA Tidewater Virginia.

The new law is named after Darren Morrell, a 32-year-old Oakton man killed in 2011 by an elderly driver who turned into traffic. Darren’s Law makes driving rules more strict for senior citizens.

View the Legislation and notes at Virginia’s Legislative Information System.

Mature driver crash prevention. Provides for a course in mature driver motor vehicle crash prevention and provides that such course is an option for the court in adjudicating defendants. The bill also lowers the age at which drivers are required to appear before the DMV for renewal from 80 to 75 and requires that licenses issued to persons age 75 or older be valid for no more than five years. The bill contains a delayed effective date.

Senior Programs | Tune up your driving skills and refresh your roadside knowledge at AAA of Tidewater.

Would you like to use your experience to become a better driver and pay less for you automobile insurance? AAA’s Senior Defensive Driving course is a two-day, four hour per day class designed to reduce crashes involving mature drivers by increasing the understanding of how age affects driving decisions, and how these decisions can alter your risk.

Screen shot of construction cam photo taken at 1200am JAN1 2015. Happy New Year!

Screen shot of construction cam photo taken at 1200am JAN1 2015. Happy New Year!


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