#LESNERBRIDGE update from Project Manager – “To begin this update, the project team has received a number of requests from citizens to have more consistent project updates.”

The October 2 2014 update:

To begin this update, the project team has received a number of requests from citizens to have more consistent project updates. We are glad to do that, so each week we will send out an update that includes a two-week “look ahead” schedule so that everyone will know what impacts from the project can be expected – including any lane closures.

With the recent lane shift on westbound Shore Drive at Page Avenue, we have completed our Phase 2 Maintenance of Traffic (MOT). This will be the new traffic pattern for at least the next 12-14 months while we build the new westbound Lesner Bridge.

Any DAYTIME lane closures that are needed will be setup by 9:00 AM and removed by 3:00 PM the same day. NIGHTIME lane closures, when they occur, will be from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

That being said, the next anticipated lane closure related to the bridge work will occur on westbound Shore Drive between the bridge and Page Avenue next Monday, October 6th and Tuesday October 7th. This closure is only temporary and is needed so that the contractor can install concrete barrier service in this area and remove the orange traffic barrels (just like what was done on the west side of the bridge). It is expected that this lane closure will occur at night, but it is possible that this may occur during the day between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Over the next two weeks the contractor will complete the drilled shaft work at bridge Abutment A and Pier 1. Foundation construction will start at Pier 2 on Tuesday, October 7th 2014, and continue into the week of October 13th. During this same time period wick drains will continue to be installed along the north side of Shore Drive on the west side of the bridge (in front of 3556 On the Bay Condominiums). Abutment A is located on the west side of the Lynnhaven Inlet and Abutment B is on the eastside. There are 9 piers for each bridge. Pier #1 is located west of the inlet and Pier #9 is located on the eastside of the inlet.

All of the steel sheets for the temporary bulkhead located at the Lynnhaven Dredge Material Storage Area have been installed. During the weeks of October 6th and October 13th, formwork and the tie-back system for this bulkhead will be constructed.

The 18-inch sanitary sewer forcemain that crosses the existing westbound Lesner Bridge needs to be taken out of service for us to continue with the new bridge construction. Over the past several months, the City and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) have been coordinating this effort. In order for HRSD to take this large forcemain out of service, two linestops will have to be installed in the line; one at the intersection of Shore Drive and Rockbridge Road and one just west of Kleen Street (in front of Mango’s Grill).

HRSD will not implement any lane closures for this work, but they will need to install a concrete barrier along the shoulder west of Kleen Street, and install some temporary pavement in the median of Shore Drive across from Rockbridge Road. They anticipate this work to begin the week of October 13th, 2014 and continue thru Friday, October 17th. This schedule is subject to change, but we will provide a more up-to-date schedule in next week’s Lesner Bridge project update.

As a reminder, the speed limit over the Lesner Bridge is 35 MPH. Although it’s easy to exceed 35 MPH on Shore Drive, the temporary lane shifts on Shore Drive at both the eastbound and westbound Lesner Bridge are only designed for 35 MPH. Exceeding this speed limit through the construction zone not only risks your safety, but the safety of the bridge construction workers and any pedestrians/cyclists crossing the bridge.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed helpful tips for how we could make things better for the road users through this busy corridor!

Emphasis ours.

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