2014 Legislative Agenda – Recurring Flooding Item letter from the Mayor

Read the entire 75 page PDF which includes the Mayor’s letter, slides, etc.

As council is well aware, the recurrent flooding issue is of great concern to our citizens.

So the Mayor is asking City Council to add an additional item for VB’s legislative agenda.

…but to ask to support the authorization of the study.

Legislative Request # 1: The City of Norfolk requests the General Assembly to establish and fund a Joint Study Committee to further investigate and make recommendations on recurrent coastal flooding in Virginia.

A slide from the 75 page PDF

A slide from the 75 page PDF

The VIMS Report concludes Virginia localities are not adequately equipped to address and
implement meaningful flood mitigation strategies required for responding to predicated
relative sea level rise on their own. Within the VIMS Report, there are a series of simulations
that show impacted areas as influenced by: a) storm surge, b) sea level rise, and c) the
recurrences of storms making land fall within the region. All of these factors both individually
and collectively, are anticipated to increase the frequency and the severity of coastal flooding
events. This will increase damages to public and private property, amplify impacts to public
safety, and increase disruption to individuals and the economy. Left unaddressed, the
Commonwealth can reasonably anticipate that it will see significant and profound coastal
flooding now and into the immediate planning horizon.


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