Come help and/or watch oyster castle reef construction with LRNOW

Here’s a bunch of oyster castle blocks before they go in the water.

From Facebook photo page

View more oyster castle pics at LRNOW’s Facebook page.

Cool stuff!

If you want the Lynnhaven to stay clean so she can share great oysters, speckled trout and more… consider checking this project out!

From Joe:

Update and Directions:

May 31th, 11:30 am: First day of oyster castle reef construction – this day will start with lots of discussion and planning

June 4th, 2:30 pm: Second day of oyster castle reef construction

Please let me know if you want to help us build on either day (it doesn’t have to be a firm commitment). I would like to get a head count.

For those of you who want to join us to spectate or help move blocks and build, please park at the following location:

– To get to the location, you need to get on West Great Neck Road either from Shore Drive or from Great Neck Road.

– From West Great Neck Road, turn onto Broad Bay Road (this intersection is located on the raised bridge approach above Broad Bay Island.).

– Drive slowly to the bottom of the ramp and make an immediate left onto a shared driveway. This driveway goes to 2 houses located under/between the 2 bridges. Park on the shoulder next to the vacant grass lot under the bridge. Do not park in the driveway or near the houses.

[If there is no more parking spaces, look around. You might have to get back on W. Great Neck heading north toward Shore Drive and park at Capps Boat Works or at Long Bay Pointe Marina, both are just on the other side of the bridge.]

We will probably meet up at the parking area. If you need to walk in on your own, proceed west up the private drive to the last house and walk through the front yard, around the shed and look for some steps that take you down to the beach on Long Creek under the bridge. The homeowner has graciously supported our project from the beginning and welcomes us across his property for this activity. Proceed west along the shoreline until you find us. Please wear appropriate covered-toe footwear. Knee boots, Crocs, old sneakers, water shoes work fine.



Joe Scalf
Restoration Project Coordinator
Lynnhaven River NOW
1608 Pleasure House Road, Suite 108
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
(757) 962-5398

One thought on “Come help and/or watch oyster castle reef construction with LRNOW

  1. PLEASE NOTE: We will start at 3:30 on Monday afternoon rather than
    2:30 as previously stated. We expect to finish this project for this
    year after just another hour or so of building. We had fun yesterday and got a lot done. Many thanks to those who participated.

    Joe Scalf


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