“This request was approved by the City Council on August 12. On September 9, the City Council, as provided for by Section 107(f) of the City Zoning Ordinance, voted to reconsider the approval of August 12. The City Council established the date of October 28 for that reconsideration to occur.”

In 2003, a thoughtful City Council, after learning more about how Bayvista’s(FORT WORTH DEVELOPMENT INC) original Approval would negatively affect the Shore Drive community because of it’s “mass, density” & “precedent setting” nature – worked on RECONSIDERATION.

City Council August 12 ’03 Approval

View August 12th ’03 City Council Minutes Bayvista Approval
Note: Original Approval was won by 1 vote.

Mayor Obendorf brings up RECONSIDERATION August 26th 2003

City Council August 26 ’03 Reconsideration first discussion PDF

City Council November ’03 Agenda RECONSIDERATION discussion

View November ’03 City Council Agenda for RECONSIDERATION discussion

View November ’03 City Council Minutes of Bayvista Formal Session


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