City’s Community Rating System (CRS) Continues to Save Citizens 15% on Flood Insurance

The City’s Community Rating System Coordinator, Ms. Whitney McNamara, recently sent the above letter to all homeowners living in flood prone areas of our City.  The CRS is a national program and almost all of the cities in Hampton Roads are participants.  One of the requirements of the program is civic engagement.  The outreach letter contains a lot of helpful information, so please read it and its reference documents if you live in a flood prone area.  Being part of the CRS program also brings along benefits for citizens in the form of reduced flood insurance premiums.  The % saving is based on a points scale based on what actions the City is implementing.  Virginia Beach is currently at a 15% savings rating and is continuously working towards improvement and more savings.  You can click on the link below or the image above to read the entire letter.



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