Bayfront Advisory Commission Meeting – Thursday July 16th at 3:30pm at OPVRS

The following notice was received from City Staff identifying the upcoming BAC general meeting on Thursday July 16th at 3:30pm.  The meeting location will be the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad meeting hall.  If you are unable to attend due to Covid-19 concerns, please note that the OPCL is offering a opportunity to view the Live Stream of the meeting.  If you are interested in that option, please contact Mark Shea at the email address below.

Here is the proposed agenda for the BAC meeting – 20200716PLN_BAC



Bayfront Civic leaders,

Hope everything is going well with each of you during these stressful times.  I wanted to give you, as regular attendees, a heads up that BAC will be meeting on 7/16/20 for the first time since February.  Due to social distancing requirements, the meeting has been moved to the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Building, at 3769 E. Stratford Drive.  Despite this switch to a larger meeting room, there will still be very limited capacity (we will also be asking that everyone wear a mask).

The developers of Marlin Bay Apts. will be giving a short presentation to BAC.  The Ocean Park Civic League has graciously offered to provide a one way live stream of the meeting so that many interested individuals can see and hear the presentation and discussion by BAC from their homes. If you are unable to get there early enough for entrance or feel uncomfortable attending, please send us an email with any issues you would like to bring to BAC’s attention.  Due to the pandemic, the Outreach ’20 and Strategic Planning sessions have been delayed indefinitely.   If you are interested in the streaming, I will provide your name to the Ocean Park representative so they can send you the link.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Mark E. Shea, AICP

Comprehensive Planning Coordinator

City of Virginia Beach

Department of Planning and Community Development




One thought on “Bayfront Advisory Commission Meeting – Thursday July 16th at 3:30pm at OPVRS

  1. Actually had conversation w jessica abbott last pm. She liked WC. For helping elderly. Told her our concerns and NO MORE THAN 11 STORIES IF nothing. Empsy


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