VNG Work Along Shore Drive Median Scheduled to Finish Feb 2021. Be Prepared for Traffic Pattern Changes.

Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) has begun replacement of gas piping under the median of Shore Drive between Cape Story and the Lesner Bridge.  Most of the work is expected to take place on weekends and the current schedule has a construction finish date of Feb 2021.  This work is being done as an upgrade for VNG systems and is taking place prior to the City’s planned Shore Drive Phase III improvements which will start shortly after VNG is finished in 2021.

The following information is being presented to help residents prepare for the new traffic patterns that will be required to support VNG’s work.  VNG plans to spend 2 weekends at each intersection, start at North Great Neck Road and work their way westward to the Lesner Bridge.  Below you will find an email with some Q&A between SDCC and VNG.  You will also find the City approved traffic pattern plans and a VNG information flyer that was sent to residents living on Shore Drive.

Traffic Pattern Plans – Click here Traffic Plan Shore Dr Relocation Approved_Median_10-9-19

VNG Informational Flyer – Click here VNG_ShoreDrRelocation_Community Outreach Factsheet



Good Morning Mr. Solomon,

I appreciate your outreach and interest in the project. To answer the following questions you have:

1) Can someone send us the tentative schedule for the complete project? Preferably one that brakes it down by stages or intersections per week.

– Unfortunately we do not have a tentative schedule for these projects. We let our Contractor continue with the work to meet the deadlines – We are looking to complete this project by Feb 2021. What we can do to assist is make contact with you when we move along Shore Dr. in order to keep everyone informed giving estimated times within the intersections. Usually these intersections will only take ~2 weekends when drilling under.

2) The plans appear to keep each lighted intersection and median cut open when the left turn lanes are closed off. This didn’t happen during last Saturday work. What will be done differently moving forward? Will police be staged at these locations and if so will they just be at the lighted intersections, median cuts or both?

– Our Contractor and their associated Traffic Control Company will follow the plans as approved by the City. I realize their was an issue last weekend which has since been corrected. Their will be off-duty Police Officers at each lighted intersection along with the correct detour signs if needed.

3) Is there a point of contact residents can get in touch with on weekends if things don’t look right? Cell or email contact would be helpful.

– In the beginning of February I sent out a Community Outreach letter with information about the project along with affected streets and VNG contact information if any concerns or questions should come up. Our Contractor in each of the areas prior to working have door hangers in which lets the directly affected homeowner know that we will be in the area soon, what to expect, and provides a VNG point of contact. I have attached the Outreach Letter to this email that you can post in the Civic Leagues news letter if you would like.

Thank you sir,

Ben Longstreet
Intermediate Engineer
Mobile: 757.359.8203
Office: 757.466.5519



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