Billboard Appeals Case Update – Request to upgrade the billboards along Shore Drive to digital boards.

The following is an update regarding the Board of Zoning Appeals Case 2019‐BZA-0119 – Adam Outdoor Advertising’s request to upgrade the billboards along Shore Drive to digital boards.

BZA hearings have been postponed during the Covid-19 pandemic, so the planned April 1st hearing of this appeal did not happen.  Once normal hearing resume, this case will be rescheduled.  In the meantime, here is some information regarding this topic.  SDCC has already sent an email to the BZA expressing our opposition to the request to make the billboards digital.  I have also attached a copy of the City’s Zoning Administrator letter that originally denied Adam’s request prior to this appeal case.  The letter can be read by clicking here Billboard Letter

Bottom line, it looks like this appeal should be denied similar to the original request to make the billboards digital, however the SDCC will continue to follow this topic to make sure.


Dear Chairman Whitley and Board Members,

On behalf of the Shore Drive Community Coalition (SDCC), I would like to express our opposition to Case 2019‐BZA-0119 Adam Outdoor Advertising’s request to upgrade the billboards along Shore Drive to digital boards. The existing billboards have been an eyesore to our area for many years and do not support the City Comprehensive Plan and Shore Drive Corridor Design Guidelines which recommend for the beautification of our residential area. Digital billboards would be extremely intrusive to the adjacent residential property owners and would exacerbate the incompatible aesthetics the structures already create.

Based on the detrimental impacts that the proposed upgrades would cause, we ask that you deny the applicants request for appeal.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Todd Solomon, SDCC President

I have included a couple of reference items below in case you need additional information on this topic:

1) There are 32 billboards in Virginia Beach. Adams Outdoor Advertising wants to add 13 and upgrade four of its existing billboards, city officials said. Among those the company hopes to change is a large one with two sides on Shore Drive next to the Lesner Bridge.

2) Board of Zoning Appeals Agenda of April 1, 2020 – Appeal Agenda: Case 2019‐BZA-0119: Adam Outdoor Advertising Request an appeal of the Zoning Administrator’s determination letter dated November 7, 2019 for properties located at 3615 Virginia Beach Blvd; 624 Independence Blvd; 1314 Kempsville Rd; 660 N Witchduck Rd; 1009 Laskin Rd; 1195 Bells Rd; 1637 Independence Blvd; 5280 Princess Anne Rd; 3700 Shore Dr; 1309 Virginia Beach Blvd; 1347 Lynnhaven Pkwy; 6061 Indian River Rd; 3273 Shore Dr; 3894 Virginia Beach Blvd; 4390 Virginia Beach Blvd; 4719 Indian River Rd; 3948 Holland Rd




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