All eScooters to be Removed from City After Dec. 16, 2019

With the City’s amended ordinance, eScooter companies will have to remove scooter after 12/16/19 until Spring 2020.  See information from City’s website below.  Also check out the survey results and the over 2400 comments received from residents regarding eScooters and their use in Virginia Beach.

Important: Effective 12/16/19
The City Code was amended by City Council to require e-scooter companies to have a franchise license with the City to rent e-scooters in Virginia Beach.
The effective date of the ordinance is 12/16/19, which means e-scooters will not be available from that date until City Council awards a ​franchise license to companies to rent them. That timeframe is anticipated to be by April 2020.
The goal with the new requirements is to create a safer environment for all, while allowing businesses to provide additional mobility options to get around.  

eScooter information page –

eScooter Survey Results link –




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