SDCC General Meeting Agenda – Monday Oct 28th at 7:30pm

Click here for a printable version of the agenda – 10.28.19 SDCC Agenda

SDCC General Meeting Agenda
Monday October 28, 2019 from 7:30 to 9:00pm
Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall – 3769 East Stratford Rd
(parking in back, on side streets and across Shore Drive)

Special Presentation – None

Officer’s Reports

Secretary – Kathleen Damon
Treasurer’s Report –Tim Solanic
Vice President – Empsy Munden
President – Todd Solomon

Old Business-
Route 35 Bayfront to Oceanfront Shuttle – Final ridership numbers showed an average increase of 15% for 2019 over last year. The numbers for 2019 should be leveling off and what can be expected as normal from now on without promotion. This route seems to be a good one and City council would be smart to continue it’s funding for future operation.

Tidal Sluice Gates Automatic Operation Broken – The tidal sluice gates near Citrus and Food Lion have had their automatic operation fixed. Parts are on order for the gate near First Landing Lane. It will be operated manually until fixed. Call Public Work Operations at 385-1470 during a storm event if these gates aren’t working or appear damaged.

Electric Scooters – City Council received position statements from BAC and SDCC requesting eScooter usage be prohibited in the Shore Drive Overlay District. City Council held an informal briefing on Oct 15th to discuss eScooters and how they should be regulated within the entire city. No decision has been made at this time, but staff wants regulations in place by the end of 2019. The Council meeting can be viewed at our website.

Ocean Park Beach Sand Replenishment –The Army Corps of Engineers permit change is now closed. The City will be soliciting bids for the project with a planned construction start set for early 2020.

New Business
Bonaventure/Windsong Development – The proposed development is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on Wednesday December 11th at noon. Chesapeake Beach is still in opposition to the 50% increase in density and the adverse impact it will have on traffic along Pleasure House Road.

Shore Drive Improvements Phase 3 – Great Neck to Lesner Bridge – We learned from Public Works Director, Mark Johnson, that this project has been delayed for another year and a half and is now scheduled to start Summer 2021. The delay is due to site acquisition and Dominion Power issues.

Lake Bradford/Chubb Lake Stormwater Improvement Meeting – The City’s Public Works will hold a public information meeting on Thursday November 14th from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Bayside Rec Center (4500 First Court Rd). If your neighborhood drains into Lake Bradford, Chubb Lake and even Lake Joyce, this is a must attend meeting to see how changes may impact your area.

Community Concerns– Please share any issues or concerns your groups/organizations may have at this time.

Civic Engagement Opportunities
• Comprehensive Plan Survey now live –

***Next SDCC Meeting – Monday November 25, 2019***



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