SDCC eScooter Position Memo to City Supporting BAC Position to Prohibit Use

Click here to read the Bayfront Advisory Commission Position Statement Memo 04.BayfrontAdvCommScooterPosition

Date: Thursday October 10, 2019
To: Mayor Dyer, City Council Members and City Manager Leahy
From: Shore Drive Community Coalition (SDCC)
Topic: Position Statement Regarding Prohibited Use of eScooters in Shore Drive Area


Dear Mayor Dyer, City Council Members and City Manager Leahy,

The Shore Drive Community Coalition (SDCC), at their September General Meeting, voted unanimously “To support the Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) recommendation to prohibit eScooters in the Shore Drive Overlay District at this time.”

The SDCC representative communities reviewed the BAC position statement submitted to the City Manager on September 24, 2019 and agreed with the reasons presented in the correspondence for prohibiting the use of eScooters in our area.
In addition to those items presented in the BAC memo, the SDCC has also heard the following reasons why the scooters should be prohibited in this specific section of the City.

• The connectivity of sidewalks, multi-use pathways and bike lanes is too disjointed and haphazard and until all of the Shore Drive safety improvements are completed between Pleasure House Road and First Landing State Park, this area is just too unsafe for scooters.
• This is the most densely populated area in the City. As the safety improvements are completed, more pedestrian traffic will become the norm. Adding eScooters, which travel at a higher rates of speed than some bikes, into the mix is a recipe for disaster.
• Escooters have already been seen riding in the car lanes on Shore Drive both day and night. The safety improvements to date have reduced an area that used to average 3 fatalities per year down to 1 fatality every 3 years. Residents are fearful that allowing eScooters will do nothing but increase the potential for injury and worst case death, similar to what has been seen in Atlanta.

Thank you for listening to the residents of the Shore Drive area and for your oversight on this matter. If you have any questions regarding the SDCC position, please email me or call me at 757-667-8533.

Todd Solomon
Shore Drive Community Coalition – President


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