Virginia Beach’s Old Emergency Alert Notification Program Will Stop on Sept 30th. Sign Up for New System Now

Click here to read the article below on the City’s website 

Virginia Beach is Transitioning to a New and Improved Emergency Notification Platform
Current VBAlert Subscribers Will Continue to Receive Alerts Through Sept. 30

​From severe weather to public safety situations, emergencies can happen at any time. VBAlert, the City’s FREE subscription-based emergency notification service, sends critical emergency messages via text, email, and phone, depending on a subscriber’s preferences.

“This is such an important community service, we hope everyone will register,” said Stephen Williams, director of Emergency Communications and Citizens Services. “We have approximately 15,000 subscribers on the current system and we want them to move to the new system, which they can do the same way new subscribers can sign up. Simply text VBAlert to 67283 or go online at to register.”

The new platform, powered by Rave Mobile Safety, allows for better functionality that includes Smart911, which will be deployed in the near future. Citizens are encouraged to sign up for Smart911 when they register with VBAlert. Smart911 allows subscribers to provide additional unique information to their profile that could help 911 call takers save their life or that of a family member.

The new provider is necessary because the current contract was expiring. Personal information and passwords are not transferable between the two services, which is why current subscribers to VBAlert must reenroll. The change to the new system will take place Oct. 1, 2019.

To ensure citizens receive emergency notifications during the transition, they will receive messages from both systems through Sept. 30, unless they unsubscribe from the old platform at:



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