You are invited to attend meeting where a Peer Recovery Specialist from the City’s new ‘Opioid Warm Line’ will make a presentation and have a Q&A.

MONDAY MARCH 12 at 730PM at the VB Resort Hotel 2800 Shore Drive.

A Peer Recovery Specialist from the City’s new ‘Opioid Warm Line’ has offered to present information on opioid abuse treatment and its related revive-training opportunity at our CSBT Civic League meeting next Monday night.

Opiate use and accidental overdoses are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Our presenter will share information on what the City is working on, and what we as citizens can to to assist during these crises.

Although this e-mail is sent to the Civic Association members, ALL residents are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting to find out more about this latest epidemic. Please share this information with your neighbors, friends and others especially, those who have children or know (or are) young adults.

The CSBTS Civic League meeting starts at 7:30pm, on Monday, March 12, at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center, across from Cape Henry Shopping Center. The special presentation will start at 7:30pm; those who are there only for this are free to leave afterwards, before we begin the official meeting.

Thank you,
Diana/the CSBTS Civic Association Officers


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