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The City Council has appointed an ad hoc committee to make recommendations by the end of September. The council also adopted an ordinance requiring owners who rent their homes to register with the Commissioner of the Revenue. Such rentals are required to pay city and state taxes, the same as hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts.

Share your input at the September 14th Meeting at 6pm at City Council Chambers.

Virtual Town Hall page.

There is a lot of information at about home sharing and the newly created Online Home Sharing Economy Ad Hoc Committee including videos of City Council & staff discussions.

A short PDF from City Council discussion on August 9th 2016:

Request: The City of Virginia Beach requests the General Assembly to adopt legislation during the 2017 Session of General Assembly that requires these online rental platforms operate with the same requirements as the Traditional Lodging Industry does such as:

Collection of the taxes due and remittance to the state and local governments,
Regulation by localities for issues such as health, safety, and welfare including adequacy of parking,
Some control on where these properties are located.


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