Join us at our meeting August 29th and chat with Captain Ronan & Lieutenant Wilkerson from Police Dept

This is rescheduled from our July meeting to August 29th. We meet at the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue squad from 730p-900p.

Join us!

Email from Captain Ronan:

Good afternoon Mr. Williams,

First, thanks again for the invitation for Lieutenant Wilkerson and I to present to the Shore Drive Community Coalition (SDCC) on Monday, August 29, 2016, which we will accept. Since receiving the first invitation on July 20, 2016 from Mr. Solomon to attend on a SDCC meeting, we are prepared to discuss the following items requested:

o Accidents and deaths at Shore Drive and Kendall
o Results/trends/solutions of speed enforcement checks on Shore Drive between North Great Neck and State Park
o Pedestrian death on Shore Drive near Kroger’s intersection
o Traffic signal study for Lynnhaven Drive and North Great Neck Road. Possible impact from proposed development of Marina Shores.
o Illegal parking on Shore Drive between North Great Neck and State Park.

In regard to the last bulleted item, I have periodically been monitoring the Shore Drive corridor in regard to the noted parking issues noted of Illegal parking on Shore Drive between North Great Neck and State Park. As a result, I have been in contact with our City’s Traffic Engineer, Mr. Robert K. Gey, to determine what, if anything can be improved upon. Additionally, I have contacted the Second Police Precinct and requested additional patrols to address any illegal or inappropriate parking along Shore Drive. Traffic Engineering received a call and is addressing, a recent complaint from a citizen in regard to parking on Shore Drive at Sandalwood Road, which is causing a visibility obstruction (attached picture).

In terms of the impacts of the few development sites mentioned, the Police Department will continue to support the community, patrol & respond to calls for service, and enforce laws in the Shore Drive community as we do with the rest of the City. As the Shore Drive section continues to grow and develop, since it’s a desirable area, the traffic will continue to grow as well. The Police Department is not in a position to stop or hinder future development anywhere in the City. On the contrary, our efforts are to continue making the City of Virginia Beach the Safest City in the United States, where citizens wish to live, work, and raise a family, as well as, where visitors want to visit.

City Traffic Engineer, Robert Gey advises there are two projects programmed for Shore Drive, which the SDCC is aware of; Shore Drive Phase III(construction 2018-2021) and Shore Drive Phase IV(construction 2026-2028). Phase IV is not currently funded. There is no increase in the number of lanes or roadway capacity with either of these projects as is the desire of the Shore Drive community.

Feel free to contact Lieutenant J. E. Wilkerson or me should you have any additional questions or concerns. Otherwise, we’ll see you and members of the SDCC on Monday, August 29, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. at the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall on Shore Drive.

Best regards,


Captain M. P. Ronan
Commanding Officer, Special Operations
Virginia Beach Police Department
2667 Leroy Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456
Spec Ops (757) 385-4606
Direct (757) 385-8957
Fax (757) 385-4406


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