Message from COVB about Jonas

From an email, posted unedited:

Subject: Winter Storm JONAS Update #3

My travels around the City this morning at high tide indicated the tidal flooding in the Lynnhaven watershed has been slightly higher than we estimated. Nothing I would consider greater than moderate/expected for this type weather.
Lynnhaven Colony , Bay Island and Cape Story having nuisance ponding across their usual low lying roads.

PW is reacting to Jim Woods call for assistance on issue at Cape Story Ditch and evaluating decision to close the tide gates before the next high tide. Atlantic Ocean is truly angry – haven’t seen the waves that big since Irene.

Bay Beaches holding up. Grommet Island Park berm did its job. Pics attached. Central Beach District at Baltic and 21st is dry. Rode the southern roads and ditches full but little to no encroachment onto roads.

About 200 power outages in the City – down from 800 at daybreak. Mostly due to downed tree limbs arcing out transformers. This evening after 7pm the temps will slowly fall.

Winter storm JONAS is wrapping around from the northwest and will continue to pushing frozen rain, sleet and some snow our way. Expect this up to Sunday day break. Precipitation ends Sunday morn and a cold day barely getting above freezing.

PW will have teams treating our bridges. Our City has fared well. Please pass this on to your constituents. Be safe and stay dry and warm. VR Dave    
Dave Hansen
Deputy City Manager
City of Virginia Beach


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