Update on Crane Incident at Lesner Bridge Project

From a City of Virginia Beach News Release about #LESNERBRIDGE


April 13, 2015 Drew Lankford, (757) 385-8062
(757) 409-4353

Update on Crane Incident at Lesner Bridge Project

Earlier this afternoon one of the cranes being used to build the new Lesner Bridge rolled on its side as the crane operator was moving a piece of material. We are thankful that no one was hurt during this incident. Virginia Beach Police, Fire & Rescue immediately responded to assess the situation and have since left the site. The crane is located on the beach near 3556 Shore Drive and rolled toward Chesapeake Bay. Only the boom of the crane is in the bay. There have been no reported spills or discharges of hazardous materials from this incident.

McLean Contracting (the crane’s owner) is currently investigating the cause of this accident.

Westbound traffic on Shore Drive at Lesner Bridge is unaffected other than the slowing down due to rubbernecking. Traffic on eastbound Shore Drive at Lesner Bridge is heavy due to the paving operation taking place at the Vista Circle intersection which will be completed by approximately 4:00 PM this afternoon. Expect delays in this area through the PM rush hour.

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One thought on “Update on Crane Incident at Lesner Bridge Project

  1. Why was the crane operating on loose sand without wood planks? Any fool knows how dangerous it is to move a crane with that much fixed boom on loose surfaces. I’m sure this is a clear OSHA infraction. Why is the accident footage missing from the city’s construction webcam? Check it out for yourself.


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