#LESNERBRIDGE update from Project Manager – first bridge segment for the new WB (westbound) bridge was successfully cast

January 23 2015 update:


On January 16th, 2015, a major milestone was reached on the Lesner Bridge Replacement Project – the first bridge segment for the new WB (westbound) bridge was successfully cast at Atlantic Metrocast, Inc. which is located in Portsmouth, VA. This segment is shown below along with the formwork for bridge segment 2 which is being match-cast against the first bridge segment. Concrete for segment 2 was placed on January 22, 2015.


The casting yard will quickly begin to produce these bridge segments on a regular basis – all 171 one of them for the WB Bridge. Needless to say, there is a lot of exciting activity taking place right now at the casting yard as the momentum builds on the project.

The casting yard isn’t the only place where a lot of activity is taking place on the bridge replacement project. Over the past several weeks you may have also noticed a number of changes at the project site:

Ø The retaining wall on the west side of the bridge (in front of 3556 On The Bay) has nearly been completed;

Ø Construction of the retaining wall for the new bridge approach has started on the east side of the bridge along the former Duck Inn property and is rapidly taking shape;

Ø The last of the concrete for the temporary bulkhead at the Lynnhaven Dredge Material Storage Area has been placed and the bulkhead is now being backfilled with sand;

Ø The painted and faded temporary pavement markings on Shore Drive between Page Avenue and East Stratford Street have been replaced with thermoplastic markings and reflective pavement markers;

Ø Utility work within the new bridge approach on the west side of the bridge is now nearing completion. The base course for the new roadway has recently been placed and compacted in front of 3556 On The Bay Condominiums;

Ø All of the steel reinforcing and formwork has been placed for the column at pier #1. Concrete will be placed in this pier column either Tuesday or Wednesday next week;

Ø The concrete cap for pier #2 was placed last week. The steel reinforcing for the bridge column at pier #2 is now being assembled;

Ø The last of the drilled shafts at bridge pier #3 was completed this week and the bridge contactor will be making preparations to mobilize equipment to bridge pier #4 which is located next to the existing wooden fender system along the Federal Channel (there are 9 piers for each bridge);

Ø An area of Ocean Park Beach next to the new retaining wall has been prepared to receive the 30 storage containers of parts for the gantry crane that will be assembled on Pier 1 and Abutment A of the new bridge. Once this crane is assembled, the pre-cast concrete bridge segments can begin to be placed for the new bridge. Placement of these first bridge segments is expected in late April 2015 or early May 2015.

A final note to all boaters who use Crab Creek for their access to and from the Lynnhaven Boat Ramps: The annual maintenance dredging for Crab Creek and the dredging in front of the temporary bulkhead will begin on or about Monday, January 26th, 2015. Navigation of the Crab Creek channel will be maintained, however, there will be a lot of equipment out there, SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL navigating your vessel around this equipment when using Crab Creek. All dredging in this channel will be complete by February 28th, 2015.

That’s it for now. Have a safe driving weekend!



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