“Effort to rename Lesner Bridge for Denton”

View video at 13NewsNow.com.


About Jeremiah Denton at Wikipedia:

Denton is best known from this period of his life for the 1966 televised press conference in which he was forced to participate as an American POW by his North Vietnamese captors. He used the opportunity to communicate successfully and to confirm for the first time to the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence and Americans that American POWs were being tortured in North Vietnam. He repeatedly blinked his eyes in Morse code during the interview, spelling out the word, “T-O-R-T-U-R-E”.

Related #LESNERBRIDGE renaming posts at SDCC.info:

    “Others have suggested making permanent its nickname, the Lynnhaven Inlet Bridge, or bestowing the honor on longtime Vice Mayor Louis Jones, who represents part of the Shore Drive corridor.”

2 thoughts on ““Effort to rename Lesner Bridge for Denton”

  1. Who would suggest someone like Louis Jones to name a bridge at the most popular inlet in the city after other the guy’s wife?! Gimme a break. Jeremiah Denton is an awesome individual to bestow this honor to and more needs to be done to promote it, though I can’t understand the decision being difficult. To me it’s T O R T U R E!

  2. Please, don’t name it after a politician. Either Lynnhaven Inlet Bridge or, as someone else suggested, someone deserving like Jeremiah Denton.


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