“Residents of adjoining neighborhoods, especially on Broad Bay Island, were worried about the proposal at first, said Kal Kassir, a member of the Broad Bay Island Civic League. They didn’t want an industrial enterprise – envisioned as ugly, noisy and smelly – plunked down in the middle of their quiet neighborhood. They changed their minds after meeting with Lynnhaven River Now.”

Read entire article at Pilotonline.com.

Oysters are good at cleaning sediment and bacteria out of waterways, which makes them great a cleaning rivers. The goal of the Lynnhaven Aquaculture Center – rendering of the property at left – is to introduce new oysters to the Lynnhaven River to clean it and meet state and federal water-quality standards.


The Lynnhaven Aquaculture Center is on the agenda tonight for City Council meeting.


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