In Due Course: 2014 Changes to Virginia’s Laws – list of new laws that take affect today, July 1 2014

The Division of Legislative Services is the legislative branch agency created statutorily by the General Assembly to provide nonpartisan legal and general research services to members of the General Assembly and its standing committees in the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia.

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A few highlights:

SB 74. Real estate loans; flood insurance. The law prohibits a lender from requiring a borrower to provide flood insurance coverage against risks to improvements on real property securing its loan in an amount that exceeds the replacement value of the improvements.

HJ 8/HB 46. Constitutional amendment and voter referendum; real property tax exemption for spouses of soldiers killed in action. The law provides that if the constitutional amendment is approved by voter referendum at the November 4, 2014, general election the General Assembly may provide a real property tax exemption for the primary residence of surviving spouses of members of the military who are killed in action. The tax exemption may not be claimed by a surviving spouse who has remarried.

HB 791. Condominium and Property Owners’ Association Acts; rule enforcement. The law provides that associations may file or defend a legal action in general district or circuit court to seek an order to require that any violation of the condominium instruments or duly adopted rules be corrected. The law provides that before any action is taken to enforce rules violations, the owner shall be given a reasonable opportunity to correct the alleged violation. The law provides that in the event of a legal action involving rule enforcement, the prevailing party is entitled to recover court costs and reasonable attorney fees. Currently, only the association is entitled to recover such costs and fees.

HB 771. Mature driver crash prevention. The law provides for a course in mature driver motor vehicle crash prevention and allows the court to order the course in adjudicating defendants. The law also lowers the age at which drivers are required to appear before the DMV for license renewal from 80 to 75 and requires that licenses issued to persons age 75 or older be valid for no more than five years.

And ….

3 FEET PLEASE. It's Virginia Law.

3 FEET PLEASE. It’s Virginia Law.

“As we see more people choose to ride bikes or walk rather than drive their cars, this extra foot of clearance makes streets much safer for cyclists” according to Champe Burnley, President of the Virginia Bicycling Federation (VBF) who supported the legislation. “We hope that drivers will use extra care when they pass a rider and avoid potential crashes.”
Virginia law currently requires a motorist to pass a bicyclist by two feet. The Commonwealth is the twenty-first state to pass a three foot law.


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