“Today we had an incident in the Landings on Croix Drive that is worth sharing with your list.”

From Cape Story Neighborhood Watch:

The following was received Tuesday, Feb. 12 from a resident in the Landings (across Shore Dr. from the Food Lion shopping center):

A young male, 6’2 tan skin, dark black hair had his face cupped against the passenger window of a work van belonging to one of our neighbors. When our neighbor’s wife asked him if she could help him, he replied in a hostile voice, that he was looking in the mirror. He then got into his faded red Toyota Tercel, license plate (WUS —-) and struck one vehicle as he frantically left the Landings.

He then came back and threatened this young woman, yelling that he knew where she lived and that if she called the police he would be back.

…Master Police Officer Shortridge responded. The vehicle was found parked at Rite aid at Cape Henry Plaza with no occupants. The officer was diverted to other calls.

This evening, this person came back

His vehicle was seen parked behind this woman’s building and the door was ajar- no occupants. By the time that I and others were alerted, the vehicle had left. The person was then seen walking through our community and took off when someone said ” Hey, who is he? He keeps walking back and forth, I don’t know him, who is he?”

The police were notified.

Later tonight at Rite Aid, I spoke with [someone] who lives on Oak Street who described a similar situation- same vehicle, same plate, occurring between 5-530 tonight.

Please pass this info on, as the behavior of this individual is very bizarre and merits the attention of all of our residents.

The following received from the resident on Oak St.:

Today around 5:30 p.m. I noticed two older teens engaging in very suspicious behavior. They were riding in an old, faded dark red vehicle (lic. # WUS —-).

Please remember to call 911 if you see a crime in action and call 385-5000, option 1, to report crimes after they have occurred or to report any suspicious activity. Also, please call or email the NW Coordinator so crime reports and suspicious activities can be shared with all of our residents.

One thought on ““Today we had an incident in the Landings on Croix Drive that is worth sharing with your list.”

  1. A Cape Henry Shores resident living on West Admiral Drive had her house broken into through the back sliding door at 1110 am Sunday 3 February. That is broad daylight in the middle of the day. Fortunately for our neighbor, she had an alarm system that sounded and notified the police. I say this not to alarm everyone, but thieves are getting bolder and perhaps more desperate. Beware. Be observant. Watch out for your neighbors. Together, we can control our neighborhoods. Together, we will control our neighborhoods.

    Question to consider. If you heard a noise in your house in the early hours and found someone had broken in, could you shoot the intruder? Although I am obviously not a lawyer or an expert on the use of deadly force, I do know that the law in Virginia states that you cannot shoot someone just because they have broken into your house. For that matter, you cannot shoot someone who is breaking into your parked car in your driveway. You cannot shoot someone who has robbed you and is leaving your house with your cash and valuables.

    The laws in Virginia are not that complicated, but you have to know those particular to the use of deadly force in the protection of your family, your house, and your property. If you act outside the law, it will be difficult and expensive to clear your name and not go to jail. Shore Drive Community Coalition will have an appropriate person at our regular monthly meeting 25 February 7:30 pm (Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Station at Shore Dr and E. Stratford) to brief members on the appropriate use of deadly force in the protection of person and property. It would be nice to talk about Spring and flowers, but there is a criminal element that is becoming more brazen which unfortunately necessitates harsher discussions.

    Come to our 25 FEB SDCC 7:30 pm meeting for an important discussion and Q&A period.

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