Chesapeake Bay Foundation ordered to stop work on 3 Virginia Beach reefs after inspections find asphalt chunks, metal wire

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission mandated that Chesapeake Bay Foundation projects at Pleasure House Creek Oyster Reef, Brown Cove Reef and Keeling Drain Reef be halted due to public safety and environmental issues, according to a letter from the agency dated today.

A Virginia agency ordered work to cease on three human-made reefs in Virginia Beach.

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Two VB Public Input Surveys – Art & Lights Festival and 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Virginia Beach is asking for public input on two topics. Surveys for each item can be found by clicking the link in paragraphs below. Please take a moment to help shape the future of our City. Let your voice be heard.

International Art and Light Festival Feasibility Survey

The City of Virginia Beach engaged Keen Independent Research LLC (Keen Independent) to conduct a study to assess the feasibility of an international art and light festival at or near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in the future. Similar festivals present large-scale, illuminated and interactive art installations created by local, regional and international artists that are on display for about 10 days and have free admission.  

The public input survey will be open for submissions June 21 – July 5, 2022.

International Art and Light Festival Feasibility Survey –

Shaping Tomorrow Today: 2040 Comp Plan Phase 2

In 2019, the City initiated a survey to gather citizen input for the update of the Comprehensive Plan. This survey is meant to build off the 2019 survey to understand the current preferences of Virginia Beach residents and to analyze whether those preferences have shifted since 2019. 

Please provide a response to the questions below by Sept. 1.

Shaping Tomorrow Today: 2040 Comp Plan Phase 2 –

SDCC Meeting Monday 30th APRIL

Vice Mayor Jones and Councilman James Wood will be speaking about their city perspectives at this month’s SDCC meeting. There will be an opportunity for everyone to submit their questions concerning the many things that are on our minds these days; increased city taxes, Crab Creek dredging disposal, Maple Street project, School budget, Light Rail, and changing to a ward system, just to name a some of the hot items. Come to our meeting, 7:30 pm, Monday 30th at the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad station on Shore Drive (intersection with East Stratford Road). Entrance in the back.

Neighborhood Dredge Spoils Project, Our Constitutional Process

It is our Democratic process that permits us to freely petition our elected governmental representatives to address an issue that could potentially damage our property and take away from its value. It is our Constitution and our First Amendment rights that allow us the free exercise to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Should our own Virginia Beach City government be included in this right to “petition the Government”? I proclaim most strongly “yes” and have, as have so many others, put it all on the line to support and defend our Constitutional Rights.

Should a city appointed board tasked with making recommendations to resolve significant issues accept statements from the city’s staff, but not permit assembled citizens the right to state their position or to redress staff statements? Should derogatory statements that “there is much misinformation out there” be accepted without challenge from the board when the assembled are not permitted to speak to address the sources of that information?

To many citizens, these issues may be of small importance or no consequence, but I think it is vitally important. If we do not hold our local government accountable to us, we perch ourselves on the point of becoming irrelevant as free people with the power to elect. We merely become payer of taxes, not the proponent of our Rights. The rights exercised by City government are as important to us as the headwaters of a river. We must all be engaged and involved. It is our elected government whether it be city, state or Federal. We deserve what we get.