City Council Plans to Reschedule Hearing of Westminster Canterbury Proposed Expansion to Tuesday Sept. 22nd

Tuesday September 22nd will be the new scheduled date for City Council to hear Westminster Canterbury’s proposed expansion application.


City Council at their Tuesday briefing agreed to move ahead with a motion to defer the upcoming August 25th advertised hearing of the WC application to the new hearing date of Tuesday September 22nd.  The September 22nd City Council hearing will still take place at Convention Center at 6:00pm.

The following is an official email from Mr. Mark Stiles, City Attorney, confirming the decision of Council to defer and reschedule.

From: Mark Stiles
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2020 3:18 PM
To: Todd Solomon
Cc: William R. Landfair
Subject: Re: Westminster Canterbury Hearing Deferral Documentation

Mr. Solomon,

Yesterday the Council agreed to defer the Westminster item to a special meeting on September 22.  A formal vote to that effect will occur next Tuesday and the published agenda for next week will show that it is on for deferral to that date.

Best wishes,

Mark Stiles


The main reason for the requested change in hearing date was to allow this item to be the only Planning Item on the agenda which will create a more manageable meeting.  The August 25th agenda contains 28 Planning Items and is scheduled to be a joint City Council and Planning Commission hearing which potentially doubles the time for each item to be heard.  A brief excerpt from the City Manager’s letter to City Council is shown below explaining this in more detail.  The entire letter can be read by clicking below

CM letter to CC re Deferral of WC to 9.22


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