Construction at Intersection of Shore Drive and North Great Neck Rd. Scheduled to Continue Until Sat. May 9th

The following are email updates from City Engineer Brad Vanderwarker regarding the storm water improvements along the Cape Henry Trail ditch and intersection with N. Great Neck Road.  Work is scheduled to continue, weather permitting, over the next 2 weeks until Saturday May 9th.  Traffic patterns at the intersection of Shore Drive and N. Great Neck and near the Cape Henry Trail will be changing to support the different construction operations, so please be aware and be safe.


Email #1 – Unfortunately, this up and down weather has been tough recently at N. Great Neck Road. We have coordinated with Traffic Engineering and should be complete with the storm drainage portion northerly up by the intersection by the end of this weekend (4/25).

Weather permitting next Monday, 4/27, we will drop back and work on the southerly drainage outfall near the Cape Henry Trail that is projected to last 1 week, till 5/2.

Following that work will be the restoration portion to include curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveway apron and paving along that entire corridor. We anticipate the restoration work to take one week (5/4-5/9).

Email #2 – I just received clarification that next week (4/27 thru 5/2), we will return traffic flow to normal using the dedicated right turn “slip ramp” with a taper transition to the left lane(s) of southbound N. Great Neck Road, during construction of the work near the CHC.

The following week (5/4 thru 5/9), when we are constructing the restoration elements, we will bring motorists all the way up to the signal and turn right.


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