One thought on “22 story high rise potentially coming to bayfront

  1. Westminister Canterbury & Lawyer R.J. Nutter presented to the Virginia Beach Bayfront Advisory Commission on Nov 21, 2019 the plan to build a 22 story Tower on the Bayfront on property previously owned by Casa condos, Lynnhaven fish house restaurant & parking lot for independent adult living and a 48 bed assisted living facility in the parking lots on starfish/ocean shore ave.
    The Pier cafe could be used by Westminister for private events…. possible completion 2024-25.
    Councilmen Wood and Jones are the city council representatives to the Bayfront Advisory Commission but have not attended the monthly meetings or offered insight.

    The continued plans for SHORE DRIVE renovations known as PHASE III and PHASE IV— that include sidewalks, curbing, flood mitigation, better cross walks, biking lanes has AGAIN been postponed EIGHTEEN months – 1 and 1/2 year- to BEGIN in summer or 2021. Continued traffic, accidents, NEAR misses, bicycle accidents, speed on Shore Drive.


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