Fox Attacks Jogger Along Cape Henry Trail in Cape Story

Wedndesday Aug 14th at 5:20am a fox attacked a jogger along the Cape Henry bike trail.  It appears the fox was later run over and killed by a car as it darted across one of the streets in Cape Story.  The following comments were copied from a post in  The entire conversation can be found here

I was jogging down the Shore Drive landside path this morning around 5:50am and a fox jumped me. I was somewhere around Oak or Maple heading toward Great Neck Road. I had to kick him 6-8 times, HARD, before he would stop coming after me. I did get bit and went to Beach General for shots, etc. Stay alert when on the path and be ready for anything when you see wildlife. Yep, that’s what the fox says…

I was leaving for work at 7:20 am this morning heading north on Wake Forest St just past Poinciana when a Fox ran straight towards my vehicle and under the front end. Sadly it died from the impact. Maybe the same one?



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