Animal Control looking for exotic cat spotted near Shore Drive

Have you seen Rocky the Serval Cat?

It’s been a few weeks since his last siting in First Landing State Park, so he may have moved on.  But be on the lookout for him if you frequent the Park during runs or walks.  I personally spotted him on the beach side of the Park in camping loop H which is just to the west of the visitor center.

Click here to read the Virginian Pilot article on the lost exotic animal in case you missed it.

April 10th – Virginia Beach Animal Control is looking for an exotic cat that was spotted Wednesday morning, according to a news release.They received a call about the cat at 8:15 a.m. It was spotted near the 2300 block of Shore Drive, according to the release. It’s believed to weigh about 25 pounds and has long legs, making it about 25 inches tall at the shoulders.


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