Special Presentation Monday Oct. 30th – VB 2040 Vision to Action Community Coalition Commission

At the upcoming SDCC General Meeting on Monday Oct. 30th at 7:30pm there will be a special presentation given by Ms. Cindy Arocho of the VB 2040 Vision to Action Community Coalition Commission.  Come out an learn about the City Vision that was created, where we are in it’s implementation and what will be happening next.  There will be an opportunity for questions and answers and all are welcome, so bring some friends.

“In 2011, the Mayor appointed a 13-member citizen “visioning” group. They studied and analyzed current trends to understand the forces affecting our community. “Where are we now…where will we be… where do we want to be?” They answered those questions and crafted Virginia Beach 2040. The 2040 Vision to Action Community Coalition shares the pathway and the vision.”

The following link includes more info including a link to the Envision Virginia Beach 2040 Committee Final Report.



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