“The Governor has signed the legislation dealing with Online Rental Platforms. It will become effective on July 1st of this year.”

Letter to Ad Hoc Committee. (1 page PDF)

New Virginia Online Rental Platform Legislation.(10 page PDF)

C. 1. If a locality adopts a registry ordinance pursuant to this section, such ordinance may include a
554 penalty not to exceed $500 per violation for an operator required to register who offers for short-term
555 rental a property that is not registered with the locality. Such ordinance may provide that unless and
556 until an operator pays the penalty and registers such property, the operator may not continue to offer
557 such property for short-term rental. Upon repeated violations of a registry ordinance as it relates to a
558 specific property, an operator may be prohibited from registering and offering that property for
559 short-term rental.
560 2. Such ordinance may further provide that an operator required to register may be prohibited from
561 offering a specific property for short-term rental in the locality upon multiple violations on more than
562 three occasions of applicable state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations, as they relate to the
563 short-term rental.
564 D. Except as provided in this section, nothing herein shall…

One thought on ““The Governor has signed the legislation dealing with Online Rental Platforms. It will become effective on July 1st of this year.”

  1. I question whether a home owner/renter who uses the property for an AirB&B would be covered under homeowner’s insurance much the same for Uber and Lift drivers using their private vehicles (with owner’s insurance) for commercial purposes? There is a major lawsuit in San Fran where a Uber driver had an accident while carrying a passenger. He did not have commercial auto insurance, only personal auto insurance. The passenger was severely injured and is suing the driver for $10M. If someone rents their house to another person for a special event, 100 people show up and damage (trash) the house, can the owner file a claim and recover for damages? Commercial standards are higher than private standards. Just consider what would happen if 60 people crowd onto 3 story deck for a group selfie and the deck collapses injuring many people? Does the homeowner’s policy cover for commercial activity?

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