“Discover the Code of Virginia THE LAWS OF VIRGINIA, FOR NON-LAWYERS.”

Heard about Virginia Decoded website the other day and thought it might be useful.

Virginia Decoded provides the Code of Virginia on one friendly website. Inline definitions, cross-references, bulk downloads, a modern API, and all of the niceties of modern website design. It’s like the expensive software lawyers use, but free and wonderful.

Their scoop on:

Data Sources

The information that makes up Virginia Decoded comes entirely from public sources. All of the sections of the code are straight from the Virginia Code Commission, who provides SGML of the Code (via LexisNexis). Legislative data is from Richmond Sunlight. Court decisions are scraped from the Court of Appeals’ decisions webpage. Term definitions are from within the state code itself. Throughout the site, links are provided to original data sources, whenever possible.

NOTE: SDCC does not endorse this website. We just posted it, and added it to our Elsewhere Link list in the left column as a possible useful tool for those who stay up late at night reading the Virginia Code.


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