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Following the National Weather Servic 5pm update the tract of the storm has moved slightly to the west such that the eye of the storm could cross the Currituck Bay west of Hatteras. The expected turn to the NE this evening will still carry the soon to be CAT 2 Hurricane Arthur away from VB. Additional changes from our noon update is a slight increase in the wind gusts possibly reaching 50mph. Winds will increase commencing at 3 am in the morning and are expected to remain thru 6 pm tomorrow. Most of the wind will be from the north. Atlantic wave height could reach 12 feet at day break subsiding during daylight. Beach and dune protection are expected to hold. Bay wave height will increase through the morning reaching 6 feet at 2 pm and falling off rapidly after that. Some bay front waterfront bulkheads will be tested. Rain fall total projection remains under 2 inches. Street flooding is expected to be scattered based on downpours and the high tide reducing the runoff flow. Home inundation will be an anomaly. Tidal flooding impacts will be short lived with only a few habitually low spots subjected. Some roads will have high water signs posted in advance. 311 service will operate under normal operating conditions this evening – shutting down at 11:30 pm and resuming at 7 am on Friday morning. As cell service and our communications and data systems are not expected to be compromised the City leadership will be monitoring the storm system and conducting decentralized management of the event.​


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