Night kayaker or swimmer?

Have you experienced this yet?

The bioluminscence has been world class off our beach all week long. A species of dinoflaggelate (microscopic plankton) that makes a blue/green flash when disturbed under the right conditions is blooming in the lower Bay. Neon blue kayak bow wave. Ball of blue green light with each paddle stroke. Thousands of tiny light specks when you wave your hand through the water.

I highly recommend people go for a night kayak / swim in the Bay over the next several days in hopes that conditions are right and they get to experience the magic. I find that it’s best on moonless nights, generally 50 feet or more from shore and when the water is calm. Currents or conditions change daily, so it may be around for a week, or gone tonight. It’s really neat with or without a mask on.

Maybe you could email this information out because it’s really worth experiencing if it’s still around.

Captain Octopus (Bob)

Be safe if you check it out!

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