Fire on the fireworks barge located on west side of Lesner

You were watching our amazing fireworks on the 4th, whether they were from the east or west side of the Lesner.

Remember the long lull on the west side?

From the Ocean Park Civic League Facebook discussion about the coulda been very tragic incident:

The shooter had to rewire the finale since it was destroyed. He knows and is putting together a statement for me to distribute.

Stay tuned for more info coming soon.


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4 thoughts on “Fire on the fireworks barge located on west side of Lesner

  1. The Fireworks were magnificent, even with the lull. Just gave us more time to enjoy an extraordinary time on our wonderful bayfront.
    Thanks to all who made it quite a special time…

  2. Thanks to all the civic leagues who participated and those who donated! we are truly blessed to live and have a business in this awesome community! We enjoyed the fireworks very much and as an added bonus shared in other area’s show as well! As with any business or adventure stuff happens and we should be grateful for what we have. Good Job!

  3. It sounds a tad more dramatic here than it was. It was a fire in a tube, completely contained. The statement that will be issued will go into more detail, but I’ve been led to believe that these things happen and there are safety measures in place to keep them from affecting the rest of the explosives or the people on the barge. During the lull they were pulling together a finale for us so we wouldn’t be left short. I look forward to sharing the detailed version of the story.

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